EAVI offers completely customised services – so let’s chat about your challenges and how we (or maybe someone we know) can help.

“Keith is pretty damned good at this stuff”
- Carolyn Childs,

The descriptions below serve as a rough guide to the sorts of things that EAVI might be able to do for you and your team.

- Delightful Dashboards – Do you have a set of information that changes regularly that you know you should look at and understand more often – but don’t? Do you wish you had a quick and easy way to see the most important bits without having to go through some software or online tool that is way too complex for you to use, and you barely understand what you are looking at? Interested?

- Great Graphics – Is there a set of information you have which just doesn’t seem to be hitting it’s mark with the audience? Do you have a report or set of findings which need a “killer slide”? Do you think a handout should be harder hitting than just a few charts on a page with some text? Interested?

- Analytical Assistance – Do you have a few pieces of information but no idea what to make of it all? Do you have a set of data but you are not sure where you should start with it? Do you already have a set of findings but wonder whether you are missing something? Interested?

- Exercises in Excel – Do you have a piece of work that takes you ages to do, that seems like it should be faster? Is there something that feels like the machine should be doing it for you (if only it could understand what you were telling it to do)? Interested?

If any of these (or some combination of them) looks like it might be for you then please contact us.


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