Retail Turnover – Take 2

Fooled around with the retail turnover figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics some time ago… Definitely time to update (below or here)

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Best Wishes for a Successful 2013

Hope everyone had a great festive season!!!

Excellent Analytics & Visual Insights is all about helping you get more out of the information you already have, and so rather than send out a Christmas email, I thought I would pass along a little present to help you in 2013.

In this file are templates to help you make 2 of the more difficult chart types you might want to use to show some information – a Bullet chart and a Marimekko chart – and all you will have to do is enter in your numbers.

If you end up using these and then think you could be getting still more from your data then get in touch to see how EAVI might be able to help.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2013.


Link to the file: EAVI 2013 Happy New Year Present

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Just Playing Around

It is good to have a hobby.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a passionate and committed volleyball player and coach for my club.

After looking around for some tools for us to take statistics on our games and I decided to build my own tool to make more sense of player performance. I have put together 2 very similar versions for different hardware.  Both files collect simple counts and then display the resulting key statistics by player, giving the coaching group a set by set look as well as an overall game view. The critical element here is being able to see at any time what is happening at any time during the game. Not having to wait for a set to end or the game to be over.

Clearly there are other things like this around which are far more professional, so I am sharing these freely for all others to use or build on as they see fit. Please tell anyone who asks that you got the base file from EAVI :-)

The EAVI Simple Volleyball Stats Collector (Excel file) obviously needs something that will run Excel 2003 to make it go. The iPad file (pictured) runs on a iPad via Numbers ($10 to Apple via the app store). This file is a little simpler, but also only needs an iPad so more mobility. If you would like a copy of this file please get in touch with me since (my hosting supplier won’t let me post it).

Have fun and let me know how it works for you.
All feedback happily received.

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Retail Turnover Dashboard

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the May data for Retail Turnover in Australia yesterday (4th July).

I have already updated the Interactive Report (which I showed on the Portfolio page) with this new data but thought I would also take a look at an alternative view of this information by preparing another interactive file, while aiming for a simpler look.
The result is the Retail Turnover Dashboard.

The file will be fine for those using Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010.

If you want to chat about how you or one of your clients could be using a simple tool like this to quickly see regularly updated information and be using it to make business decisions then please contact me.

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Good or Great

Everyone wants to do good work. Some want to do great work.
- Do you know which one your business wants?

Good means crossed t’s, dotted i’s, the large list of stakeholders have all been placated (even if they just wanted a colour changed), and there is next to no chance that the final work will cause offense or embarrassment. Great means making a lasting impact, seeing meaningful change, and engaging conversations.
- Do you know which one your business wants?

EAVI wants to give you great (EAVI can give you good as well, but the buzz from good just isn’t the same).  Great takes much more than desire though. Great takes skill and inspiration. Great takes effort and perspiration. Sometimes great doesn’t cost any more than good… Above all though – Great takes commitment.

Calum’s Road via Wikipedia

Let’s chat to see if we can live up to each other expectations.


PS. When the Nike swoosh was first proposed it cost a hideously small amount – and people didn’t like it.

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