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Retail Turnover – Take 2

Fooled around with the retail turnover figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics some time ago… Definitely time to update (below or here) Learn About Tableau

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Best Wishes for a Successful 2013

Hope everyone had a great festive season!!! Excellent Analytics & Visual Insights is all about helping you get more out of the information you already have, and so rather than send out a Christmas email, I thought I would pass … Continue reading

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Just Playing Around

It is good to have a hobby.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a passionate and committed volleyball player and coach for my club. After looking around for some tools for us to take statistics on our games and … Continue reading

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Retail Turnover Dashboard

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the May data for Retail Turnover in Australia yesterday (4th July). I have already updated the Interactive Report (which I showed on the Portfolio page) with this new data but thought I would also … Continue reading

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Good or Great

Everyone wants to do good work. Some want to do great work. – Do you know which one your business wants? Good means crossed t’s, dotted i’s, the large list of stakeholders have all been placated (even if they just … Continue reading

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