Good or Great

Everyone wants to do good work. Some want to do great work.
- Do you know which one your business wants?

Good means crossed t’s, dotted i’s, the large list of stakeholders have all been placated (even if they just wanted a colour changed), and there is next to no chance that the final work will cause offense or embarrassment. Great means making a lasting impact, seeing meaningful change, and engaging conversations.
- Do you know which one your business wants?

EAVI wants to give you great (EAVI can give you good as well, but the buzz from good just isn’t the same).  Great takes much more than desire though. Great takes skill and inspiration. Great takes effort and perspiration. Sometimes great doesn’t cost any more than good… Above all though – Great takes commitment.

Calum’s Road via Wikipedia

Let’s chat to see if we can live up to each other expectations.


PS. When the Nike swoosh was first proposed it cost a hideously small amount – and people didn’t like it.

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